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"This is a great place to go. The staff is a friendly family owned business. These folks have helped me from the beginning when I started with my stones and as I continue to do so. They clear all your crystals. This is a beautiful place with a positive vibe. Love it here. Also, the handouts have assisted me with finding what is next for me. The jewelry that is here is outstanding and the price is always right. No need to go anywhere else. Thank you all for your great service."

- C. Terry

"I love the joy and excitement I get each week from opening up the "Stone of the Week" emails from Pat. I often find myself reading the email aloud to everyone in the room and showing them the funny videos or the new music and art that Pat has inserted. I swear my stones love listening along with me! It's amazing how passionate the folks are over at Power of Rainbow. Consistency, care and love is what makes a place special, and there's no shortage here. Love being a part of this community, Thanks for all you do!"

- Blake J

This is the best crystal shop in DFW. I have been to many and the prices seem kind of crazy compared to this shop. The owner is a wonderful guy to talk to and ask questions, and will never steer you wrong. He knows his product very well and has a huge selection that's organized beautifully. If you're looking for any crystal he probably has it and more. Definitely come here if you're crystal shopping

"These stones are of the highest quality. This family owned business sources and accepts nothing less than the best and displays them in equal fashion with great lighting and an aesthetic of color variation to match. They do sell some metaphysical supplies not crystal related, but the bulk of their merchandise is stones sold alone or in jewelry. Even with a bracelet not bought in store, I commissioned them to fix it and it was done in less than a day among their normal business. Top tier business with the finest quality crystals I have ever seen."

- M. Hargraves

Love this store. Beautifully displayed stones of every kind. So organized with little descriptions of the stones, which is important if you’re just starting on a new spiritual journey or just love collecting beautiful pieces. Gorgeous jewelry as well. I legit feel nothing but good energy even when I drive into the parking lot lol.  I just love this little gem of a store! ✨

Roy Johnston

Ok. I should have posted a recommendation months and months ago. I discovered Power of the Rainbow a little over a year ago. I shop here at least once a month. The selection of Crystals and Minerals is large. the store is well laid out. Tray, Will, Pat, and Fall are all extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and most importantly encouraging. They have fostered my curiosity and have shared resources to increase my knowledge and understanding. in addition to the Crystals and Minerals, there is a selection of jewelry as well. if you find a Crystal that you want to make into jewelry, they can wrap it. there is also a large selection of bracelets made in-house to choose from. I really cannot stress what an amazing store this is to go to.

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